Reading Comprehension: The Chariot of the Psyche

Excerpt from Plato's Phaedrus

Mr. Steel



1. According to the story, how many parts does the psyche have?


2. What is the psyche compared to in the story? What are each of the parts of the image?






3. What does each part of the image represent separately?








4. How do each of the parts of the image relate to one another in the story?









5. What excites the psyche in the story?



6. How do each of the parts of the psyche behave when they become aware of this?







7. What is the charioteer's job, and why is it so difficult?






8. According to this story, how ought the psyche behave in relation to the beloved (object of its love)?





9. How is the psyche trained to behave properly in relation to the beloved?





10. How would you treat a beloved if you approached him/her with "reverence" and "awe"?






11. What do you think about this image of the psyche? (Evaluate)