READING COMPREHENSION: excerpt from the Histories of Herodotus








1. Why does Herodotus think that Croesus met his downfall?




2. What did Croesus dream?






3. What precautions did Croesus take in order to avoid having the dream come true?









4. Who came to town shortly afterwards? What had he done, and what did he want from Croesus?





5. What was Croesus' response to the man's request?




6. What problem plagued the Mysian countryside at the time? What did the Mysians ask of Croesus?





7. What was Croesus' response? Why?





8. What request did Atys make of his father? Why?





9. What is Atys' response to his father's concerns? Why?





10. What does Croesus ask Adrastus to do?




11. Describe what happened when the party encountered the boar and why.






12. Why was the incident particularly horrible from Croesus' perspective?




13. Name three reasons why Croesus calls upon Zeus.









14. Who does Croesus blame for the death of his son? Why?








15. What did Adrastus do at the end of the story?