READING COMPREHENSION: excerpt from the Histories of Herodotus





1. From where did Solon come? What is the name of the territory he was visiting?



2. What is Solon famous for having done in Athens?



3. What reason did Solon give for travelling? What was his real reason?




4. What had the Athenians sworn to do for ten years?



5. What did Croesus show Solon during his visit?



6. For what does Solon have a reputation abroad?



7. What question does Croesus ask Solon? What is Solon's reply?




8. What reasons does Solon give for his answer?









9. What is Solon's second reply to Croesus' question?




10. What reasons does Solon give for this answer?










11. Why is Croesus angry with Solon's answers to his questions?




12. Explain Solon's reason for saying that no human being, while alive, can be properly said to be happy?














13. What is Solon's critique of happiness in this world?