Reading Comprehension: The Flood Narrative from The Epic of Gilgamesh








1. Explain what/who caused the flood and why.





2. What is Utnapishtim told to do by Ea?




3. What does the god suggest is the relation between "seeking life" or "keeping one's soul alive" on the one hand, and property and possessions on the other? Explain the symbolic significance of this dichotomy?









4. What is Utnapishtim instructed by Ea to respond to the city dwellers?







5. What sorts of things did Utnapishtim put upon the boat?











6. What is the reaction of the gods to the deluge?




7. Where did Utnapishtim's boat come to rest?





8. What does Utnapishtim do in order to search for land?





9. What does the goddess say she will never forget upon receiving the sacrifice? What does she say to Utnapishtim about Enlil? Why?











10. Why is Enlil angry when he discovers the sacrifice?






11. Explain Ea's response to Enlil's objections.







12. What happens to Utnapishtim at the end of the story?






13.  This tale from the Epic of Gilgamesh predates what other famous story about a flood?