Editing for clarity exercise

Using the "40 words and phrases that plague student writing" hand-out, edit the following piece of writing:


        Basically, I'm learning to write. Writing grammatically is totally difficult because of all the tenses, parts of speech, punctuation, etc. I kind of want to learn irregardless. Each and every paper that I write has improved, in terms of grammar. Firstly, I've been working on my sentence structure and also my spelling. Secondly, I've been trying to get rid of awkward phrases that plague my writing. I got a B+ on my last paper! Being as I've worked literally hundreds of hours to improve, this is totally an accomplishment. Due to the fact that my English teacher stresses the importance of grammar, every student in my class is essentially learning it, whether he/she wants to or not. And he/she had ought to continue to read a lot, since reading is equally as important as writing. As to whether you like my writing, I hope it is considered to be easy to understand. Well, I've got to go to work and/or shopping. Irregardless, I literally must say goodbye!