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I. Answer in complete sentences. Don't Copy! Use examples not already provided.


1. What is a verb?




2. Use an intransitive verb.




3. Use a transitive verb.




4. Use the infinitive of a verb.




5. Create a split infinitive.




6. Use an infinitive as a verbal noun.




7. Use a past participle in a sentence.




8. Use a present participle in a sentence.




9. Use a present participle in a sentence.



10. Use a gerund in a sentence.




11. Use a verb in the active voice.




12. Use a verb in the passive voice.




13. Use a verb in the indicative mood.




14. Use a verb in the imperative mood.




15. Use a verb in the subjunctive mood.




16. Use a verb in the past tense.




17. Use a verb in the present tense.




18. Use a verb in the future tense.




19. What tense should you use when you write about literature?




20. Use a verb in the present perfect tense.


21. Use a verb in the past perfect tense.





22. Use a verb in the future perfect tense.





23. What is a gerund? Provide your own example.





24. Write a sentence using a verb in the active voice. Rewrite the same sentence with the same meaning, but using the passive voice.


Active Voice:




Passive Voice:




25. What is the subjunctive mood?





26. Use the present subjunctive in a sentence.





27. Use the past subjunctive in a sentence.





II. Record the correct sentence number by the appropriate verb information:


Verb information


1. The villain ran away.

past participle



2. The crow flies to the east.

present subjunctive



3. I will improve my grammar.

imperative mood



4. The apple was thrown into the bin.

passive voice



5. "To be or not to be."




6. "To boldly go where no man has gone before."

past tense



7. Walking softly, he carries a big stick.

past subjunctive



8. Having lost his mother, the little boy cried.

split infinitive



9. Your incessant whining drives me crazy!

present tense



10. Always do your best!

present participle



11. If the girl were any more unpleasant, her voice would curdle milk.

future tense



12. If the dog had not defecated on my flowers, they could have won first prize.






III. Identify the following underlined verb forms:


1. Having sank into despair, the little man wept for his loss.



2. Speeding to work, the teacher received a ticket.



3. "You've got to know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em."



4. Cherry-picking around the net is an idle past time.



5. You will improve your grammar if you are conscientious.



6. My brain was numbed by grammar lessons.



7. It has taken a long time, but I have finished my homework.



8. The gentleman had begun to speak at public engagements when he was only seven years old.


9. By the time I have finished my diet, I will have lost 25 pounds.


10. If I had been more studious, I would not be working at Burger King.


11. If the girl were single, he would ask her for a date.