Of Mice and Men: Chapter 5 & 6 Reading and Study Guide


I. VOCABULARY: Be able to define the following words and understand them when they appear in the novel.










II.  LITERARY TERMS: Be able to define each term and apply each term to the novel.




                        Who is/are the protagonist(s)?_____________________________________________________






III.  QUESTIONS: answer the following questions.  Use complete sentences.


Chapter 5


1.  What day and time is it at the beginning of chapter 5? 


2.  What is Lennie doing in the barn by himself?


3.  Why does Lennie think that he might not get to tend the rabbits? 


4.  Who visits Lennie in the barn? 


5.  According to Curley’s wife, why isn’t anyone going to leave the horseshoe tournament? 



6.  According to Curley’s wife, how come she didn’t get into show business? 



7.  What can we infer is the reason Curley’s wife married Curley? 


8.  What plan does Lennie have to avoid getting in trouble?



9.  What did Lennie lose that he wishes he had now? 


10.  For what does Curley’s wife yell at Lennie? 


11.  What did Lennie do to Curley’s wife? 


12.  Who finds Curley’s wife? 


13.  What does Candy hopefully ask George?  



14.  What favor does George ask of Candy? 



15.  What does Carlson think happened to his Luger? 


Chapter 6


16.  Where is Lennie hiding? 


17.  With whom does Lennie have his first imaginary conversation? 



18.  With whom/what does Lennie have his second imaginary conversation?   


19.  What story does George tell Lennie? 


20.  What does he do while telling him this story? 


V. Paragraph: write a paragraph answer to the following questions.  Use quotes from the book to support your answer.


21.  Write whether or not George was justified in what he did to Lennie.