ENG 20-1: Poetry Unit Outline

Mr. Steel


During this unit of study on poetry, students will develop their interpretive skills and reading comprehension through daily reading and analyzing, as well as comparing and contrasting a number of classic poems. Students will develop an understanding of poetic devices and literary terminology through independent research, creative application, and formal testing. All students will write a formal critical essay on a poem of their choice. Finally, students will have the opportunity to examine the relation of poetry with music through independent analysis and oral presentation of a musical lyric of their choice.




Minor Assignment

Students will engage in analysis and interpretation of selected poetry. Reading comprehension assignments will be graded for quality of thought, understanding, and literacy (sentence structure, syntax).


Minor Assignment

All students will write a creative poem in order to demonstrate their facility with various poetic and literary devices. Each poem will be accompanied by the student's analysis of at least FIVE poetic devices being used.


Major Assignment

Students will choose their favourite poem. It is not necessary that the poem be one that we have studied in class. Students will write a double-spaced, four-page (1000 word) critical essay about this poem. Students may choose from one of the following topics (others are possible):




      hardship or suffering



      social (in)justice




Each student submission should follow the guidelines I have laid out for previous essays. Also, please attach a copy of the poem that you are examining in your essay.


Major Assignment

Each student will research the meanings of specific poetic and literary terminology on an assigned list. Students will be expected to study, to understand, and to apply all terms correctly, as these will appear on the Poetry Unit Test.


Major Assignment

Every student will make an oral presentation of the lyrics to a song of their choice. Students are expected to explain the meaning of the song, its significance, as well as the artist's use of at least FIVE literary or poetic devices.