English 10-2: Malcolm X Movie Comprehension & Review Assignment

Mr. Steel


1. Who was Malcolm X?

2. How did Malcolm's childhood affect his ideas?

3. Describe Malcolm's personality (feelings, attitude, intellect).

4. What did Malcolm X do as a young man that got him into trouble (two things)?

5. Why did he go to jail, and for how long?

6. Who did he meet in jail that changed his life, and how did he change?

7. How did Malcolm display self-respect when he got out of jail?

8. What message did Malcolm X teach others?

9. What two groups became angry with Malcolm? Why?

10. What changed Malcolm X's views on racism? What were his new views?

11. What happened to Malcolm X at the end of the movie? Who did it?

12. What did you like about the movie? Why?

13. What did you dislike about the movie? Why?

14. Describe ONE thing you learned from the movie.