Symbolism in Native Mythology

Mr. Steel






Answer the following questions in COMPLETE sentences:


1. Who was Blood Clot? How did he get his name?




2. What did Blood Clot do to help the old couple when they were hungry?




3. Why did Blood Clot ask them to remain indoors when he hunted all night?




4. What did they find the next morning?




5. What did Blood Clot teach them to do so they would never be hungry again?




6. On his travels, where did Blood Clot go?




7. What did the chief ask Blood Clot? Why is this a strange question?




8. What was wrong with the villagers, and what did Blood Clot do to help them?






9. What happened to Blood Clot at the end of the story? Why?






10. What might be the symbolic meaning of this story? (1 Paragraph please!)