Non-Fiction Short Stories: Lesra Martin and the Hurricane Inquiry


1. MAJOR ASSIGNMENT: Metamorphosis of Lesra Martin Worksheet


2. The Journey of Lesra Martin Movie: 2 Paragraph Reflection

First Paragraph: What challenges did Lesra face? What helped Lesra to overcome these obstacles? What did Lesra achieve, or make of his life?

Second Paragraph: Think about your own life and your own dreams. What are your dreams? What are the obstacles that stand in your way? What can you do to overcome these obstacles? What sorts of things can help you and give you strength? Do you think you can do it, like Lesra did it?


3. Movie Review of The Hurricane (2 Paragraphs)

Do a movie review of The Hurricane. What did you like about the movie and why? What did you dislike and why? How true was the movie to the real story of Carter as we studied it? What do you think of Carter's character? What are his good and bad points? Do you think his character develops through the movie? Explain why or why not. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how would you rate the movie and why?


4. MAJOR ASSIGNMENT: Evaluating Websites -- Rubin Hurricane Carter Project

Keeping in mind the 5 W’s of Cyberspace work that we did, view the following websites and make notes about how the two sites compare and contrast the history and impact of Hurricane Carter.

  1. HURRICANE CARTER The Other Side of the Story


  1. LAW BUZZ Trials Without Justice Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Using your notes, make a poster—containing text, photos, drawings etc.—that shows at least 5 comparisons and 5 contrasts between the presentation of Rubin Hurricane Carter on each of the two sites.


5. Write a formal letter to Lesra. Tell Lesra something about yourself and your own challenges and dreams. Do you see anything in your own life that is similar to the life of Lesra Martin? If you have any question that you would like Lesra to answer, please ask it.  WE WILL BE SENDING THESE LETTERS TO HIM, SO DO A GOOD JOB. Use your own real postal address, and perhaps Lesra will write you back!


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