ENG 10-1: Visuals and Multi-Media

Mr. Steel


            As mandated by Alberta Learning, all English 10-1 students are responsible for the interpretation of visual media and "multi-media." In my English classes, we will focus primarily on the interpretation of art and photography, since these are the sorts of "media" that appear on examinations. However, time permitting, we will also interpret non-verbal musical compositions (jazz, classical, world music, etc.); other forms of "multi-media" will have been encountered throughout our coursework (ex.: internet, magazines, film, audio, etc).




Minor Assignments

Every student will write a short (at least one page, double spaced) reflection on the message transmitted by 5 images (either art or photography) available in the classroom. As with other reflective responses, student writing ought not to be simply descriptive ("I see this, and this, and this"); rather, responses must be interpretative and demonstrate some depth of engagement with the artistic message(s) portrayed in each chosen piece.


Major Assignment

Students will write an in-class Personal Response to an image supplied by the teacher. This exercise is meant to model the experience of writing the Personal Response that all students must write during their examinations.