Thematic Literary Inquiry:

Peace Studies and Non-Violence

"Popular revolt against materially strong rulers ... may engender an almost irresistible power even if it foregoes the use of violence in the face of materially vastly superior forces. To call this 'passive resistance' is certainly and ironic idea; it is one of the most active and efficient ways of action ever devised, because it cannot be countered by fighting, where there may be defeat or victory, but only by mass slaughter in which even the victor is defeated, cheated of his prize, since nobody can rule over dead men."

Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition


Peace Studies Outline


Gandhi - Hind Swaraj excerpts

Gandhi - Satyagraha in South Africa excerpts

Gandhi - Autobiographical excerpts from My Experiments With Truth

Excerpts from Gandhi's writings on Non-Violence

The Salt March


Martin Luther King - excerpts from his speeches


Henry David Thoreau - Civil Disobedience


Leo Tolstoy - The Kingdom of God is Within You


Scholasticism and the question of whether war can be just


St. Augustine and "Just War Theory"


Kant's "Perpetual Peace"


Einstein's Letters to Roosevelt