(minimum: 2 page reflections, double spaced, typed)


NOTE: These easier optional minors are meant for grade 9 students who are currently earning less than 70%.

Grade 9 students who have a mark higher than this threshold ought to complete regular Reading Comprehension Assignments that can be found on my website.


1. Write about one of your heroes or somebody you admire.


2. Write about a personal challenge that you face.


3. Write about your dreams or aspirations.


4. Write about one of your accomplishments.


5. Write a short story.


6. Write about a book you’ve just read outside of class.


7. Write up a strategy that you will take in order to improve your academic performance in English or some other class.


8. Write about a movie or a play that you’ve recently seen.


9. Write about the funniest thing you’ve seen in a long time.


10. Write a review of a rock concert or some other musical performance that you’ve recently attended.


11. Write a newspaper article on a current event.


12. Write about something that you have enjoyed in school this year.