Antigone Questions


(One page, double spaced, sentence and paragraph form please)


1. What do you think Creon ought to do in order to establish justice? Why?


2. Examine the speech of the Chorus (lines 368-411). How is human nature depicted? (i.e.: What distinguishes human beings from other life forms?) What do YOU think is human nature?


3. What is Creon’s view of good citizenship? What do YOU think of Creon’s viewpoint? In your opinion, what is important for good citizenship?


4. Compare and contrast the views of Creon and Antigone concerning love. What are the insights and deficiencies of each view?


5. Unravel Tiresias’ advice in your own words. What is it that the blind prophet “sees” that Creon does not? Why does Creon not heed his words?


6. What insight is suggested by the final lines of the chorus in the tragedy (1420ff)? What is the teaching of this Greek tragedy?